Wedding Favours

Black Ombre

The options are endless.

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Designing your own favours can be a really rewarding process. Your options are nearly endless - Different colours, textures, moisturizing properties, and styles. There's too many options to list here!

Once you've read through these ideas and the creative juices start flowing, send us an email and we will contact you via phone for a consultation. Soap making is as much a science as it is art, and we want to make sure you have the best possible outcome. We'll guide you through the tough decisions. (Just soap. Not the life-changing stuff.)
Navy and Gold


Let's get started:

   Chose your base colour: white, natural, or coffee. Keep in mind that some add-ins have drastic effects on the colour of soap. Also, a coffee base isn't recommended if you'd like to add additional colour, aside from black. 
$2.25 per bar
White, natural, or coffee coloured


Here's the hard part. Don't worry, we're here for you. 

This is where you get to throw in all sorts of cool stuff. Coordinating your cool stuff is key! Some colours might hide your mix-ins, whereas some mix-ins can really change the colour.
A good rule of thumb: keep it simple. Too much of a good thing is just too much. Some of our favorite soaps have one item or less from each category.
Develop a general idea, and we'll talk out the details later. Is there something you don't see here that you'd like? It might be a possibility! Just ask.


Blue, pink, purple, black, maroon, teal, forest green, or custom. Please provide a sample such as a fabric swatch if matching an existing colour.
Would you like your colours solid (whole bar), layered, or swirled? Rustic chunky, speckled, or smooth? 
$0.25 ea, per bar


Coffee grinds, oatmeal (coarse or fine), spices, clay, charcoal, brewed tea, fruit or vegetable puree, cocoa powder, kelp powder, honey
$0.25 ea, per bar
Beer, wine, matcha green tea powder, cow's or goat's milk
$0.30 ea, per bar


Sea salt, Himalayan pink salt, calendula petals, coffee beans, lavender buds, crushed rose petals, dried rosemary leaves, whole cloves, steel cut oats
$0.25 ea, per bar
Mint to Be

Last but not least: 



Paper band - this simple package showcases your creativity and maximizes visibility of your soap. The paper is high quality cardstock, in your choice of kraft paper, white, or black.

Custom labeling - all orders include a custom designed label on the front of the soap. Using your chosen text, we'll create something that complements your soap and your style! One label design per order. 

Polyethylene bags - although not included in the price, some clients opt to add a discrete clear plastic bag over the paper packaging. Lots of visibility while ensuring that any pieces of the topper you've chosen don't fall off into purses, pockets, etc. -- $0.25 per bar
****Bags need to be removed as soon as soaps are gifted to allow the soap to breathe 


Other tidbits:

  • Minimum order of 40 pieces, limited exceptions apply.
  • Consultations are absolutely free, no strings!
  • Upon receipt of 50% deposit, samples of your design can be purchased for $15 +shipping (includes 5 bars with packaging) 
  • Colours, mix-ins, toppers and packaging all subject to availability.
  • Payment policy: 50% deposit is received upon ordering to guarantee your date, remaining 50% due before shipping/pickup.
  • Orders are encouraged at least 8wks before your event date. Very limited exceptions can be made for tight timelines but may affect the availability of certain products.

Leave us a message and we will contact you ASAP. Please include your full name, phone number, and the best time to contact you. Also, are there any details we should know about or specific questions? We'll talk soon!